[EGoT] Liecia: 01: The Moon and I

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Liecia: 01: The Moon and I


The moon has touched the onyx sky, painted it with glittering stars. Next to the window was a female figure, sitting on the window sill. This is one of Liecia’s favourite spot in the castle.

“Good evening,” said the sweet voice. Liecia leaned her body to the side, letting out a sigh before she smiled. She closed her almond eyes, shifted her body for the moonlight to shine upon her.

“You’re very beautiful tonight.” Liecia said before gathering her legs up on the window sill, where she can rest her chin on her knee. Her eyes shone in a softer shade of amber. Liecia ran her index and middle finger on the stone wall as if they were dancing to a silent melody from another world.

During a night like this, Liecia enjoys the company of the moon. Its warm light gave her a comfort feeling, a peaceful moment after a busy day. She let out another sigh.

“Have you ever felt lonely?”

It wasn’t a random question, but it was a question that Liecia didn’t need the answer.

How can the moon reply?

“Silly Liecia.” She murmured to herself. Loneliness was another company she has. During the day, she focuses on her castle cleaning task. During her free time, she rarely converse with other castle worker.

I want no one to know what I think.

“Also, I’m easily attached to people.”

It would be very hard for me to cut all ties with them when my time to be free comes.

Liecia lifted her head to look at the moon again. “You understand what I mean, right?”

She tugged her shawl closer as the temperature has dropped. Fog started to spread around the courtyard. Liecia leaned out and all she could see was the white ocean. Mythical as it appeared, Liecia once thought of jumping down and hoped that it would be soft like feathers. Of course, it wasn’t.

“Dear moon, I wonder.” She whispered. Lighter tone of black locks that surrounded her oval face flowed to the side as the wind blew.

“Do people from other land see you as I do?”

Again, with the wish of being free, Liecia leaned back on the wall before letting out another sigh. She reached out her hand towards the moon.

“It would be great, if I could hold you close.”

There was a silent before she started singing, a song for the moon that she loves.





Look up there above the star

All you will see is the moon from afar


Dear moon

Shine down your light

Warm, and soft glowing through the night

People will find their way home

But for me, I am alone

เอียรีจะออกอัลบั้มขาย.... #มั่ยชั่ย
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ก็คงเป็นเพลงธีมของลีช่า... (คือเด๋วจะออกคาแรคซองก์อัลบั้มนะคะ #ล้อเล่นนะ)





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